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"Jim Stemke and Alex Martin were a joy to work with on our Christmas in the Grand Tradition album with Peter Conte. The venue of the Wanamaker store and it's magnificent organ presented formidable challenges to us as performers, especially in matters of ensemble and dynamics. Jim's genius was evident in terms of capturing a true sonic image of a performance that ranged from solo voice whispers to powerful fortissimos in a cavernous space. With DSP's help I think that we were able to play naturally - to give a warm and lyrical performance that Jim and Alex captured with uncanny accuracy. We are looking forward to future collaborations and would recommend DSP Recordings without reservation!"
Tony Cecere, Horn, on behalf of the Philadelphia Brass

"I'm pleased to recommend the professional engineering abilities and accomplishments of James Stemke of DSP Recordings. During recording sessions of an Aeolian residence organ at one of the du Pont estates, his ability to capture the realism and accuracy of the instrument was remarkable. While Jim is meticulously organized and his standards are very high, he is easy going and a pleasure to work with. The finished projects were outstanding, and I look forward to further recording sessions later this year."
Nelson Barden
Nelson Barden and Associates
Boston, MA

"DSP has a most impressive track record and it has been a pleasure and continuing satisfaction to use this company for the Wanamaker projects!"
Ray Bizwanger
Friends of the Wanamaker Organ

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your new website, and to add my own personal thanks to you for your outstanding work as a recording engineer. Your recordings of the Wanamaker Organ, including your superb work on two releases for the Gothic label, perfectly represent the brilliant splendor and majesty of the largest playing musical instrument in the world, while also capturing the cathedral-like acoustics of the Wanamaker Grand Court. I believe that your recordings of that instrument are the finest ever to be released, surpassing even the highly acclaimed Magic recording, formerly on the Dorian label. Again, my thanks to you for your excellence and professionalism in your craft, and for your gracious, gentlemanly manner. You are truly a joy to work with, and I look forward to many more collaborations with you."
Peter Richard Conte
Wanamaker Grand Court Organist

"I have worked with many recording engineers during the course of my career, and respect and commend their accomplishments in every regard. A 'shining-light' comes to mind when I consider the remarkable work done by Jim Stemke, who recorded my humble efforts on the great Wanamaker Organ several times. His quest for perfection, clarity and honesty in end-result and genuine desire to expand his possibilities seem endless, and I am delighted to commend his efforts to all. We performers are called 'artists' well and good. But those who capture our efforts are equally artistic. Jim Stemke is artistic on the highest level, and his work clearly shows, and I am honored to have worked with him and, in equal measure, value our long friendship."
Carlo Curley
London, England

"It truly is a delight to be recorded by Mr. Stemke. I have been recorded "On Location" several times. The sonic quality is always of the highest degree, not unmatched by Mr. Stemke's professionalism. Whether in a concert venue or a private residence, the utmost care and concern has been taken to reproduce the sound of the instrument and room faithfully, as well as to improve the sound in situations that were not ideal. When Mr. Stemke is finished, the music sounds the way that it should."

David Harris
Concert Pianist/Director Of Music and Organist
St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Fairfield, CT

"I have had the opportunity to know DSP Recordings owner & engineer, James Stemke, for more than 30 years. Jim's recording techniques and equipment define the word PERFECTION. His attention to detail and perceptive ear allow DSP Recordings to capture the essence of every instrument recorded with a special openness and clarity rarely found in other recordings. While we judge perfomers as artists, Jim Stemke through DSP Recordings is truly an artist in his own rite. Listen to any DSP Recording and judge for yourself."
Gary S. McWithey
Organist/Music Director
Brookfield Congregational United Church of Christ
Brookfield, WI

"I'm astonished with Jim Stemke's remastering of my Pipedreams recordings into the album, Premiere. He has worked magic on these originally cold recordings and turned them into a warm and intimate sonic experience. The remastered album embodies a depth I could not have anticipated. I look forward to working with Jim on future projects. At his point, I can think of no engineer who I trust more than Jim Stemke."
Josh Perschbacher
Norcross, GA

"As organist on the Lawrence Welk TV show for the past 43 years, and as a studio musician in Hollywood for longer than that, it's been my pleasure to work with some of the finest recording engineers in the business. I've never encountered anyone more excellent than Jim Stemke.
Stemke's technical expertise and attention to detail make him an outstanding choice to record any type of material in any venue, but it is his intimate knowledge of theater pipe organs that makes him my first choice, always. He arrives early and with the latest and greatest equipment including a set of obscenely expensive microphones yet his fees are surprisingly affordable. If you are looking for top-quality results, please consider Jim Stemke for your next recording project."

Bob Ralston

"James Stemke is a man of many talents. Not only a remarkable recording engineer, but also an experienced organ restorer. Not surprising therefore that my ears were caught by the CD production he made of The Wanamaker Grand Court Organ at Lord & Taylor in Philadelphia, where Jim also worked on the restoration project. I listened to that recording for about a week, once or twice a day, and was delighted by the fine balance of the recording and the precise tuning of the instrument. Great work in both diciplines!"
Erik Sikkema
Recording Engineer and Inventor
of the ULSI - Recording System, and owner of
The Sikkema Studio, Sweden

"There are hundreds of recordings of organ music available. Unfortunately, many of them leave a great deal to be desired from a technical standpoint. The challenge is not only the large instruments, but also the spaces in which they sound. To capture the total aural picture is indeed rare. DSP Recordings is a company that excels in the recording of organ music. Jim Stemke has, through years of experience, managed to place his company in the top echelon of those which can mirror in a CD the sound of even vast organs and rooms. The sonic quality of his recordings is outstanding, even when an instrument as vast as the Wanamaker organ is involved. And, his recordings of that organ with orchestra and choir achieves not only amazing ensemble, but extreme clarity of each medium involved. Jim Stemke aims for excellence in every situation. He is a thorough professional, and the quality of his recordings is outstanding."

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