A sampling of the artists DSP has recorded

Peter Richard Conte Jonas Nordwall Dan Miller Rob Richards
Ron Rhode Bob Ralston Jim Riggs Walter Strony
Tom Hazleton Tony Fenalon Lew Williams Stan Kann
Dave Wickerham Chris Gorsuch John Giacchi Carol Williams
Christian Elliott John Seng Tom Gnaster Clark Wilson
Simon Gledhill Charlie Balough Ron Reseigh Prof. Thomas Murray
Ken Cowan Harry Wilkinson Carlo Curley Voladamer Koshuba
Lyn Larsen Fred Swann Jelani Eddington Felix Hell
Nathan Laube  

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A sampling of some of the Groups DSP has recorded

Boston Brass
Philadelphia Festival Chorus and Philadelphia Brass
Oak Park Community Renewal Society
United States Navy Marching Band
Philadelphia Brass
Duke University Drum and Bugal Corps.
Allentown Band
DePaul University Orchestra
Chicago Handbell Ensemble

DSP Recordings can also be heard on

Wanamaker Radio Hour - Hosted by: Jill Pasternak & Peter Richard Conte on WRTI from Philadelphia, PA.
This one-hour radio program featuring the world famous Wanamaker Grand Court Organ is presented
on the first Sunday of each month at 5:00 pm EST, and is sponsored by
the Friends of the Wanamaker Organ and Macy's.

Pipe Dreams - hosed by: Michael Barone - Every Sunday Afternoon
Pipe Dreams is a weekly national radio program dedicated to pipe organ
music from around the world.


Peter Richard Conte -www.concertartists.com/prc.html
Carlo Curley - www.carlo.com
Cornel Zimmer Organbuilders - www.zimmerorgans.com
Gothic Records -www.gothicrecords.com
Friends of the Wanamaker Organ - www.wanamakerorgan.com
Wanamaker Radio Hour - WRTI - www.wrti.org
Pipe Dreams - www.pipedreams.org
Bob Ralston - www.bobralston.com
Organ Historical Society - www.ohscatalog.org
Philadelphia Brass - philadelphiabrass.com


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