Whether you're recording is a full symphony orchestra, a small choral group, military marching band, or the largest pipe organ in the world, the initial recording is an extremely important stage in the overall scheme of your project. The sonic realism of your performance must be captured along with the acoustical environment with great accuracy. Recording in ultra-high resolution (24-bit up to 196Khz), DSD (Direct Stream Digital) and SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc) make your recordings come alive! This technology captures the subtle nuances and provides the realism and "Life-Like" sound your recordings deserve.

The heart of the recording chain is the Genex Multi-Format Digital Recorder, dedicated A/D (Analog to Digital) and D/A (Digital to Analog) converters, and hard drives capable of recording 8 channels of high-resolution audio in various formats. Many other pieces of equipment including various microphones, pre-amps, fiber-optic systems, playback monitors, electrostatic headphones, and custom-built proprietary equipment are also utilized to capture your musical performance.

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Overtones and harmonics from many instruments definitely produce frequencies well over 20Khz to 40Khz. These overtones and rich harmonics add the "Openness and Realism" which definitely exists in all high-resolution recordings.

Wherever your recording takes place the United States, Canada, Mexico or Around the World, DSP is ready for the job. Your musicianship, creativity, instrument, and performers definitely deserve the best . . . why not insist on a DSP recording for the ultimate in sonic realism! . . .



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