DSP is a Full Service Company

DSP can provide all services necessary for a complete CD project. From initial recording, editing/mastering, design/artwork, through final replication. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Originally founded in 1969 after a 4-year hitch in the US Navy and formal engineering background,
Custom Fidelity Records began as a Chicago based company recording and producing high quality analog long playing records manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. Now after 35 years in the professional recording business, DSP Recordings produces some of the highest quality digital recordings obtainable using the latest technologies, and years of audio engineering experience.

DSP Recordings is a professional recording company dedicated and committed to "Excellence" in
engineering and outstanding recordings, and continues to remain a leader in producing the highest quality recordings obtainable. DSP also works in conjunction with independent record labels,
several major recording companies around the world, universities, instrument manufacturers, electronic and pipe organ builders, and countless private musicians insisting on high quality recordings view some current releases.

DSP recordings have earned numerous rave reviews, credits, awards, and endorsements from
many professional audio engineers, as well from artists and independent major record labels from around the world.

Orchestral, Symphonic, Choral, Instrumental, Operatic, and Organ recordings masterfully produced.

"Relentlessly pursuing the science of capturing the art of classical music."

". . . I believe that your recordings. . . . . are the finest ever to be released . . . ."
Peter Richard Conte

". . .A 'shining-light' comes to mind when I consider the remarkable work done by James Stemke . . ."
Carlo Curley





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